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Beginner Workout Plan | No Gym Required: Home Workouts Plan

A beginner workout plan should consist very easy exercises that require less efforts, zero-to-no equipment, and exercises should be easier to learn and follow everyday. Such workout plan should be able to learned effortlessly by the user and shall target all major muscle groups. Most beginner’s exercises are made up of compound movements and they target multiple muscles at once, promoting rapid muscle growth and strength. Pushups, Squats, crunches, back extensions, pull ups, and duck walk are some exercises that are very very easy to be performed and can be learned quickly, and they target all major muscle groups of your body.

Let’s talk about what workout plan you can start your fitness journey with!

Alright, Let’s Get Sweaty! Here’s Your Sample Home Workout Plan:

Now that you know the basic principles, let’s jump into a sample workout plan you can do from the comfort of your living room (or kitchen, backyard – anywhere with a little space!). Remember, this is just a starting point. You can adjust the number of sets and repetitions (reps) as you get stronger, and don’t forget to listen to your body and take rest days when needed.

Here’s a breakdown of a beginner-friendly routine that hits all those major muscle groups:

Warm-up (5 minutes):

Get your blood flowing and loosen up your joints to prevent injury. Jumping jacks, high knees, arm circles, and some light stretches are all great options.

Workout (20-30 minutes):

1. Squats (3 sets of 10-12 reps):

These target your quads, glutes, and hamstrings. No weights? No problem! Bodyweight squats are a perfect starting point.

2. Push-ups (3 sets of as many reps as you can with good form):

Feeling ambitious? Do regular push-ups. Need a modification? Try them on your knees! Push-ups work your chest, shoulders, and triceps.

3. Crunches (3 sets of 15-20 reps):

Time to tighten that core! There are many crunch variations, so find one that feels comfortable for your lower back.

4. Negative Pullups / Normal Pullups

If you can climb a pull up bar or something where you can easily perform pullups, this exercise will be a magic for your biceps, back muscles, shoulders, and lats. First find a place where you can hang to and then try to lift your body using your arms, back, and core. You will need to stay stable while doing so. You can add a bit of momentum if you are not able to perform it clean.

Those you are not able to perform a single pullup, do not feel weak. It is very normal to be not able to perform pull ups in early workout days. So what you can do about it? Skip this magical exercise? Why don’t you try negative pull ups? Negative pullups focus on the lowering part of the pull-up, which is a more controlled movement. This can be gentler on muscles and joints compared to the full pulling motion. Negatives help train the muscles used in pull-ups (lats, biceps, back) in the proper movement pattern. This builds the strength needed for full pull-ups eventually.

Here are some other beginner-friendly options to train your back and bicep muscles:

Incline Rows

Find a sturdy table or bench and use it to perform rows, which target similar muscles to pull-ups in a more accessible way. Here is how to do inclined rows without any equipment at home.

Dead Hangs

Simply hang from the bar for as long as you can comfortably. This strengthens your grip and teaches your body to support your weight, preparing you for pull-ups.

Cool-down (5 minutes):

Take some deep breaths, stretch those muscles you just worked, and give your body a chance to wind down.

This is just a sample, and there are tons of other beginner-friendly exercises you can explore. The key is to find a routine you enjoy and that fits your schedule. Remember, consistency is key! So lace up your sneakers (or workout barefoot, that works too!), and get ready to feel the burn!

This is how your workout should be done if you are a beginner; no fancy exercises, no equipment, no complicated movements, etc. If you want to are opting for a muscle enhancement supplement like SARMs, do consult your doctors first.

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