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Death Must Die Cheat Engine (Beginner’s Guide)

Many users want to download and use the Cheat Engine for the Death Must Die video game. In this article we will see how to install and set up a cheat engine for this interesting video game. Cheat Engine is a popular program that allows users to modify game data like health, damage, or resources. In Death Must Die’s case, players want to get instructions for Cheat Engine that grant them invincibility, unlimited resources, or overpowered items. 

Some players wish to use Cheat Engine to experiment with different combinations of god blessings and items without progressing in the game. This lets them test out powerful synergies or builds they haven’t unlocked yet.

About the Game

Death Must Die is a game where you battle your way through the underworld to defeat Death himself! Imagine blasting through tons of enemies with cool powers from the gods, that’s the basic idea. It’s a challenging game where you get stronger with each try, unlocking new heroes and items. People love it for this constant progression and the variety you get with different abilities and heroes. The graphics are usually described as dark and cool, fitting the underworld theme. As for system requirements, those haven’t been announced yet, but since it’s an indie game, you probably won’t need a super powerful computer to play.

Setting Up Cheat Engine for Death Must Die 

Things you’ll need:

  • Cheat Engine (Download from
  • Death Must Die Cheat Table. A cheat table for Death Must Die is basically a file containing a list of addresses and instructions for Cheat Engine, a memory editing program. These addresses point to specific locations in Death Must Die’s code that control things like health, damage, or items. (Note: These tables are created by other players so please ensure you use only safe or reliable tables. Use at your own risk!)


  1. Download and Install Cheat Engine: Head over to and download the latest version of Cheat Engine. Run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. Find a Cheat Table for the game: Search online for a Death Must Die Cheat Table. Be careful where you download from, as some sites may contain malware. Click Here to Download.
  3. Start Cheat Engine and Game: Open Cheat Engine and then launch Death Must Die. Make sure the game is the active window.
  4. Load the Cheat Table: In Cheat Engine, click the icon that looks like a computer with a yellow folder. Navigate to the downloaded Death Must Die cheat table file and open it.
  5. Select the Death Must Die Process: In the top left corner of Cheat Engine, a list of running programs should appear. Click on the process that says “Death Must Die.exe” or something similar.
  6. Activate Cheats (Optional): The cheat table will have a list of options. These might include things like unlimited health, increased damage, or more gold. Click the checkbox next to the cheat you want to activate.
  7. Adjust Cheat Values (Optional): Some cheats might allow you to adjust values. For example, you might be able to set your health to a specific number. Double-click the value you want to change and type in a new number.
  8. Minimize Cheat Engine (Optional): You can minimize Cheat Engine to the taskbar while you play Death Must Die. The cheats will still be active.

Cheat tables may not work with all versions of the game. If a cheat table doesn’t work, you may need to find a different one or wait for the table to be updated.

Death Must Die Cheat Engine Errors and Fixes

Using the Cheat Engine with Death Must Die can be a bit tricky. Here are some common errors users encounter and potential solutions based on user’s reviews and complaints in support forums:

1. Cheat Engine Freezes When Changing Values:

Cheat Engine freezes for a long time when you try to edit a value in the Death Must Die cheat table. Incompatibility between the cheat table, game version, or Cheat Engine version itself.


  • Try highlighting the line you want to change and pressing Enter instead of double-clicking. This might prevent freezing.
  • Make sure you’re using the latest version of Cheat Engine.
  • Check the specific cheat table you’re using and any known compatibility issues with the current Death Must Die version.

2. Cheat Table Not Working After Update (Act 2):

The cheat table you were using stops working after the release of Death Must Die Act 2. Game updates can sometimes break cheat tables as the game’s memory structure might change.


  • Look for an updated cheat table specifically designed for Death Must Die Act 2. Community forums or cheat table creator websites might have them.
  • Be aware that some features, like inventory editing or stat changes, might take longer to be updated in the cheat table as the game’s internal workings are identified.

3. Inconsistent Cheat Functionality:

Some cheats in the table work (like editing gold), while others don’t (like invincibility). This could be due to various reasons, like the cheat table needing an update or the specific cheat not being implemented correctly.


  • As with Act 2 updates, the cheat table might need to be updated to reflect changes in the game.
  • Limited information: The conversation you shared didn’t have a definitive solution for the specific case of “invulnerability” not working. It’s possible this feature might be broken in the current cheat table.

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