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Here’s Why Running Is Must for Lean Muscles and An Athletic Physique

Running burns calories and cuts fat from the body and combining it with resistance training will offer excellent results. You will get athletic and lean muscular body if you add running into your normal gym routine. Lean bulking, also sometimes referred to as lean gaining, is a method of gaining muscle mass while minimizing fat gain. It’s essentially a controlled calorie surplus, where you eat slightly more calories than your body burns each day. This creates a positive energy balance, which is necessary for muscle growth. The key to lean bulking is to create a small calorie surplus, typically in the range of 300-500 calories per day. This will help you gain muscle mass gradually, while minimizing fat gain. If you’re looking to build muscle without packing on a lot of fat, lean bulking is a great option. Some people have problem in cutting back on extra calories, fatty food and carb rich diet. For those people running can provide excellent results as it will burn those extra calories you eat and get fat due to it.

Running also tones your whole body muscles as it involves a regulated and controlled motion of all muscles of the body. Not all muscles are involved directly in running, but they support and stabilize your body during a run.

Why Running Can be Beneficial for All Gym Goers, Especially the Fat Ones

What about those who are already doing gym for years but have a lot of fat along with muscle mass? They can run to get lean body. Gentle running or jogging is healthy for everyone right. The intensity and distance should be varied as per each individual. Running can help with keeping lungs, heart, and other nervous system healthy. Here are some benefits of running:

Cardiovascular Health

Running strengthens your heart and lungs, improving circulation and boosting your body’s ability to use oxygen. This translates to better endurance for all activities and a healthier heart. When you are trying to make an athletic body, you should add some running to your workout at least twice a week. This will improve your overall health, leading to shredded body and least fat percentage.

Weight Management

Running burns calories, which can aid in weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight. It is considered one of the most effective workouts to burn calories dramatically. The biggest problem people face while building body is they also gain fat along with muscles due to not keeping a proper diet. These people can run on alternate days per need to maximize the calories burning process.

Stress Relief

Running can be a great way to manage stress and improve mental well-being. It releases a few hormones like Dopamine in your brain, leading to a better mood and reduced stress.

Stronger Bones and Muscles

Running can help maintain bone density and strengthen muscles, reducing the risk of osteoporosis and injuries. It signals your body that it needs to supply more nutrition and support to your lower body and other parts to run efficiently, leading to stronger legs, feet, hamstrings, calves and more.

However running can be a bit unhealthy or have adverse effect on certain individuals. Here are some negatives of it if you come in this category:

  • Impact on Joints: Running can be hard on the joints, especially for people with pre-existing conditions or those who are overweight.
  • Injury Risk: Running comes with a risk of overuse injuries, especially if you don’t train properly.
  • Not for Everyone: People with certain health conditions or limitations might not be suitable for running.

Find the Best Running Park or Trail Near You!

With Google Maps, finding a forest, park, or running trail near your location has become very very easier. If you reside near New York, you might find Leading Edge New York very helpful as they have a list and map of all running trails in Central Park.

Best Alternatives for Running

While running isn’t ideal for everyone, there are many ways to achieve similar health benefits:

  • Low-Impact Exercises: Swimming, cycling, or elliptical training offer excellent cardiovascular workouts with less impact on the joints.
  • Walking: Brisk walking is a fantastic and often overlooked exercise. It strengthens your heart and lungs and can be easily incorporated into your routine.
  • Strength Training: Don’t forget strength training! It builds muscle, improves bone density, and boosts metabolism, all contributing to overall health.


We hope you are now understood how any cardiovascular activity can enhance your progress of achieving a shredded body.

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